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Necessary Repair Tools for Light Phone Fixes

Malfunctions and breakages easily occur with phones. Foreseeing a phone malfunction or breakage is hard and the funds necessary to repair the phone may not be available to you at the time. Luckily enough, not all repairs needed for your phone require a trip to the repair store. More often than not, a malfunction or breakage is one that you can easily handle. Resources and tutorials are available that can help you identify the problem and easily fix it. The time that would otherwise be spent making numerous trips to the repair store is saved when you fix your phone. Cost is also saved on. Before you begin any phone fix, there are certain tools that you should have. The tools necessary should be there before you attempt any fix. The last thing you want is having your phone in a worse condition than it was in because of not using the right tools. Here are the tools that are necessary if you are looking to fix your phone.

You need to ensure you have a magnetic surface before you start. There will be tiny screws and other metal parts that you need to ensure that you don’t lose. Screws easily roll over. To ensure that you have everything in place, a magnetic surface is important. A magnetic mat ensures you don’t lose anything. Labeling will help you know what goes where. A heat source is important for many phone fixes. The adhesive is used to attach part not joined with screws. To safely removed parts attached with adhesive a heat source is required. A hairdryer or a heat gun can be used in this case.

A magnifying glass is another important tool. Some of the phone parts are very small and you can miss them if you are not careful. A magnifying glass will help you ensure that you don’t miss anything. Your work will be easier with a magnifying glass. A desk lamp will help you ensure you see everything you are working on. A screwdriver is also very important to remove the parts held in by screws.

Picking up some of the parts can be a hard task and tweezers can come very much in handy for this. When you are taking the screen off from your phone, pliers with suction cups ensure you are able to do it safely. Before placing the phone between the suction cups, you need to ensure that you loosen the adhesive with a heat gun. If you feel you are up to the task, these tools are necessary.