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Making the Best Choices in Residential Roofing

When choosing the ideal residential roofing a homeowner needs to consider the roofing materials as well as the cost of the roof. As the topmost decorative and protective layer of a structure, the roof should be a good balance between longevity, durability, and affordability. With this in mind, below are some popular kinds of roofs installed in properties today. ?

Metal roofs are the favorite modern-day materials to most of the property owners for a number of reasons. Since metal roofing material is versatile in nature it comes more preferred for roofing. The materials can be made in single panels, large sheets and in individual shingles and mimic the appearance of shingles, shakes and tiles made from stone, concrete and wood.

Metal roofs are very durable due to the paints and alloys used in their making, not to mention that the materials are not prone to rotting like wood shakes and shingles. Since they are fire-resistant, they are perfect for installation in the fire-prone zones.

Unlike many materials, metal roofs last between 50 and 75 years with very little maintenance. This kind of roofing should be done by experts in the field.

tile roofs are attractive when used in any structure, which is the same case for concrete and ceramic kinds of tile roofs. There is an extended warranty period given for tiles by most manufacturers that ranges between fifty to seventy-five years. The reasons why most people choose tiles for their roofs is that it has a wide array of colors, styles and designs. Thus, the contemporary houses will look as stunning with tiled roofs like the traditional homes. Even though tiles are costly, it is worth installing them over other materials.
The shakes and shingles made from wood are traditional materials that are fancied by most homeowners because of their excellent looks – rustic, deluxe and stylish. They are also affordable after installation. Nevertheless, constant maintenance will have to be given to these materials because they are highly vulnerable to leaks, rotting and fire. Thus, the roofing repair costs can outpace the original installation costs very fast after a few years.

Slate roofs are quite heavy though their durability makes up for this downside. The installation must be done right to ensure that the roofing structure is in good form and stays for long. The materials can go for about 100 years in a good state. Therefore, regardless of the high costs when buying and installing this roof, it is worth buying it since it will not need constant and regular maintenance processes. Make sure that you review all your requirement with the contractor first before installing your roof.

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