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Qualities of a Good Standing Desk Mat

It has been found that standing while working helps you slow down weight gain. Most of us are afraid of using standing desks. But if you invest in the right mat, it becomes much easier for you to adopt. Here is some helpful info to aid you in selecting the best standing desk mat.
The first thing to do would be to choose the right mat for your needs. You need to look at the height, width and length. The height speaks directly to the support you will be getting from the mat. A thicker mat, for instance, makes for a more comfortable setting. A larger mat, in turn, makes for more flexibility. Since you can move about on it and stretch, you will be more comfortable.
Find out what material they are made of. It should ideally be stain and water-resistant. Foam mats normally cover those needs adequately. You also need the mat to be nonslip, to prevent accidents from happening. A mat with antimicrobial properties is also essential, for you to safely stand on it barefoot if ever need be.
There is a need also to check its ease of convenience. You need one you can easily pack up and go used elsewhere. You need it to also easily fit on the side of your desk so that you can access it easily if you have a bad back.
There are also specialty mats for you to choose amongst. Those are such as those that look like the ground. Another one is that with a massage area, to help with the blood circulation. You can also opt for one with raised bumps on that part where the balls of your feet rest, to help soothe them.
Do not forget to check the pressure rating of the mat. If you get one for someone lighter, it will wear off much faster than you need. Find out also if it has a warranty. A warranty present means you get a good quality mat for your use.
With these tips, you will manage to pick the best mat for your standing desk. Get to know the best way of using the mat. You, for example, should avoid standing on one spot for an extended period. Shift position regularly. Use the massage balls on them to extend and flex your feet, to beat the feeling of fatigue. You need to get into the habit of stretching after a while, so you are rejuvenated all the time. You should also wear shoes with a strong arch support, to beat fatigue and get the most of the mat.
A stand desk mat is great for your posture, and for relieving stress. You should also have the best standing desk chair handy, in case you need to use it. You can go to this site, to see the offers there.

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