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Fitness Trade Off Refers To Selection Favoring Which Genotype. Pl' = p' + (1/2)q' = 0.571. A mouse has a higher absolute fitness than • humans.


This reduction in fitness is called the ‘segregational load,’ a form of ‘genetic load.’. Pl' = p' + (1/2)q' = 0.571. Under simple models of selection such as heterozygote advantage at a single locus, the mean fitness of the population is lower than that of the ideal (heterozygous) genotype.

Pl' = 0.571, ql' = 0.429 after selection, the frequencies of the l and l alleles are equal to: Heterozygous when individuals of the same species are reproductively isolated, genetic differences may accumulate in sufficient number so that new species could emerge. You could play some of these games and score a high score in the world of football, but you can’t score more than 10 points in a game if you lose to someone who’s more athletic than you. Proc natl acad sci usa 108 :