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How Long Can Tequila Rose Last. A silver tequila has been distilled twice and has not been aged or has been aged for a very minimal time. Wine can be a little more complicated, but as a general rule if the bottle was $30 or under it was most likely meant to be consumed within a year or so of purchase.

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Those include ensuring that each bottle is made in the proper location—from the correct ingredients—and that reposado and añejo versions are aged for just the right amount of time. Moderation — one drink a day for women and up to two drinks for men — is your best bet for healthy consumption of tequila, she said. In a cool, dark place, you can keep it almost forever, but once you open it, it'll start degrading in about three months.

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Popularity relative to other wines, spirits and beers, irrespective of vintage, based on the number of searches from feb 2020 to jan 2022. Tequila tastes better when it's sipped on between scoops of. If aged at all before bottling, it is less than two months and in stainless steel or a neutral oak barrel. All will eventually lose their flavor, and the phytochemicals (primarily flavonoids) they contain will degrade.