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How Long Do Fly Eggs Live. In this post, we are going to see how long do different types of flies live. The adult insects spend the entirety of their short lives mating or laying eggs, which the females will typically do within 24 hours of emerging.

what happens if you eat a fly egg
what happens if you eat a fly egg from

How long do gnats and fruit flies live? She lays batches of about 100 eggs on decaying organic matter such as food waste, carrion, or feces. The average housefly lifespan is about three months.

what happens if you eat a fly egg

Depending on environmental conditions, the house fly may complete all stages of life in as little as 6 to 10 days. Fly eggs are usually colored gray and the size is around 4 to 7.5 millimeters long. The time moth flies spend in the larvae stage depends on temperature, oxygen concentration and other environmental factors. Maggots do best in an environment of decay.