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How Long Do Mochi Muffins Last. Most of the time, a package of english muffins comes with eight muffins. Cool muffins completely before wrapping and freezing.

Mochi custard Muffins paintpencilpastries
Mochi custard Muffins paintpencilpastries from

Sweet muffins with fresh fruit keep for only a couple of days, while savory ones and those with mostly dry ingredients stay safe to eat longer. Muffins with melted chocolate, nuts, oats, dried fruit are predominantly dry, hence, last up to 7 days. The components will determine how long your muffins will last.

Mochi custard Muffins paintpencilpastries

Brush the cupcake tins with butter and dust with rice flour/semolina. How long do muffins last in the freezer? Keep the leftover mochi muffins in a ziplock bag, and they will remain the soft and chewy texture for three days at room temperature. After that time, it can start to mold and harden so much that it will no longer be edible.