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How Long Does A 9V Battery Last. But for years, people have debated whether a.a. How long does a 9 volt battery last?

Best 9v batteries zerereviews
Best 9v batteries zerereviews from

Why do smoke detectors use 9 volt batteries? But it still sounds like new, just the led is a bit dimmer. You could also wire 2 or 3 batteries up to get a much longer battery life time.

Best 9v batteries zerereviews

Or you could use 6 aa batteries in a suitable holder, they will give you 9v, but last much longer than a single 9v block cell. How long does a 9v battery last? For a 18650 2500mah (2.5ah) battery with a device that draws 500ma (0.5a) you have: I've had most other pedals work for so long i forget when i last changed the batteries.