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How Long Does Ice Last In A Cooler. Wrap your cooler in a wet towel as the water turns to vapor, it will make the towel colder. Smaller styrofoam coolers cannot hold much ice and have low insulating capabilities.

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This can be due to the materials used in making the cooler, the insulation of the cooler and the density of the cooler. The storage time of dry ice will depend on several factors. Whereas larger yeti 160 coolers will keep ice cool for a whopping two weeks.

howlongdoesicelastinastyrofoamcooler Hunting

The question of how long ice will last in a cooler is highly dependant on several variables. Compared to other coolers available on the market, dry ice lasts longer in a yeti. Two of the most common factors will be the size of the dry ice block and its storage condition. There are several internal and external factors and variables that affect the cooler’s ice to last longer or shorter.