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How Long Is Homemade Jam Good For. But you can often get 18 months to two years out of your higher sugar products like jams and fruit canned in syrup. Once you unseal the jar, deterioration speeds up.

SugarFree Strawberry Jam Foodtalk
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For unopened homemade jams, the general consensus is that you can easily store them for at least a year, if not more. How long can i keep my homemade jams and jellies on the shelf? It is subject to more “weeping” (separation of liquid from the gel) than cooked jams and jellies because it hasn’t been cooked to drive off the excess liquid in the fruit.

SugarFree Strawberry Jam Foodtalk

How long will jelly last in the fridge? The answer is “yes, you can.” just like coleslaw, it is safe to freeze jam. My personal rule of thumb is that the more sugar a canned good has, the longer its life will be. Smucker's sugar free jam lasts for: