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How To Copy A Roblox Game. On the roblox website, right click on a link and select copy id to copy an asset or user id to your clipboard if one exists in the targeted url. Basic admin essentials 2.0 hello, fellow scripture.

Copy game on roblox script for skisploit
Copy game on roblox script for skisploit from

Once done, click on computer along with phone, tablet, console if required and then hit the create button.; Reliable way to copy roblox games? Then all you need to do is update everything to write and save from the new place.

Copy game on roblox script for skisploit

What you have done till now is simply saved a copy of your place to the roblox server. Make sure that the original game is privat. Well first i tried krnl with saveinstance () saveinstance ( {decomptype = new}) didn't work got a 119mb rbxlx file, couldn't. Went on a journey as to how to steal roblox games but could only find google chrome extensions with obfuscated js sending your cookies to some server i don't think that's the way lol.