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Where Are Cannon Safes Made. Below is a list of all gauges of steel, and what safes have that thickness. Cannon safes are made and manufactured in mexico.

Best Gun Safes 2021 Made In Usa
Best Gun Safes 2021 Made In Usa from stephennyktas.com

This can void your warranty and compromise the integrity of the safe. Please keep in mind, the higher the gauge number,. Cannon safe cannon 1965 gun safe ca594024;

Best Gun Safes 2021 Made In Usa

The gun safe has a reset button inside the safe that you can only reach in case you break into the gun safe. This gun safe from cannon is quite trustworthy due to its strong built quality. Click to see full answer. While we were disappointed that the cannon safes are not made in america,© this news doesn't really surprise us, given the company's rocky history of product quality and running its.