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Which Biome Do We Live In. Tundra, shrubland, rainforest, grassland, desert, temperate deciduous forest, and coniferous forests. What biome do we live in new jersey?

Biome Examples From Around the World
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Most states east of the mississippi river and the states of missouri, arkansas and louisiana are located in the temperate rain forest biome, which is characterized by cold winters. The east central texas forests (hereafter ectf) ecoregion is located entirely within the state of texas and comprises one of the smallest ecoregions within the temperate broadleaf and mixed forests biome. Possible habitable biomes include the temperate rain forest, grassland, alpine areas, desert, taiga, tundra and tropical regions.

Biome Examples From Around the World

Depending on where you live, that would depend on the biome. Humans live in different countries and different areas of each country. Marine, freshwater, savanna, grassland, taiga, tundra, desert, temperate forest, and tropical rainforest.jun 19, 2016. What biome do most humans live in?